Touchless electric paper towel dispenser.

The XIBU senseTOWEL fits into any washroom. Thanks to seven different decors, it blends seamlessly into any environment. The paper towel dispenser is equipped with a 2-roll system, which automatically switches to the second roll when the first one is used up. The time interval for the supply of cleanly cut paper towels can be chosen freely. An electrically-read filling level indicator informs your staff when refilling is necessary. The XIBU senseTOWEL can only be opened with the XIBU key – for additional safety. Alternatively, the device is also available in touch version.

Touchless dispensing.
Simple to use.

It couldn’t be easier: Visitors to your washroom do not have to touch the paper towel dispenser. All they need to do to obtain a cleanly cut paper towel is place their hand in front of the dispenser.

Never empty.
2-roll system.

Thanks to the 2-roll system of the paper towel dispenser, your washroom visitors will always have enough paper towels available to them. When the first roll of paper is used up, the XIBU senseTOWEL automatically switches to the second roll. This will give your staff time to refill.

Perfectly shaped cut edges.
Dispensing of cut paper.

With conventional paper towel dispensers, unsightly tear-off edges are the result of the manual separation of the paper. The XIBU senseTOWEL is different: it cuts the paper for you. As a result,  each sheet has well-shaped edges.


low energy consumption

due to the sensor


We provide paper towels in various thicknesses and qualities – also with ISEGA food safety certificate.