Our history is our identity.

The trained carpenter Johann Hagleitner established a sales ring for an air purifier in 1971, thus laying the foundation for a successful hygiene company. Over the course of more than 45 years, HAGLEITNER grew into a global corporation. What do all these years have in common? Innovative hygiene!

  • integral 4PLUS - For the professional scullery. Highly concentrated cleaner for dishes and glasses. Highly concentrated gloss dryers. One dosing system. In combination with the new Hagleitner App.

  • integral 2GO - The most precise dosing device in its class was introduced.

  • XIBU XL senseFLUID - The touchless dispensers for skin protection and hand hygiene are coming onto the market. XIBU senseMOISTCARE – a world debut in washrooms: a dispenser that moistens toilet paper.

  • Opening of the injection molding plant in Zell am See.

  • HAGLEITNER senseMANAGEMENT - the intelligent washroom: Dispensers report the state of refills and batteries web-based any time and anywhere to the recipient.

  • XIBU inox: The new washroom series with intelligent dispensers made of stainless steel is brought to the market. It is available in two versions, an in-wall and on-wall mount variant.

  • Since 2002, direct sales have been constantly expanding. Today, we have our own offices in twelve countries: Austria, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia.

  • We celebrate the 40th anniversary of HAGLEITNER Hygiene International. Topics such as disinfectants are now common. Complete solutions for our customers' safety.

  • Green efficiency brings sustainable products to the kitchen hygiene. LUNA 2.0 refines the hotel room. With HAGLEITNER technics, we integrate the production of plastics into the Company.

  • We bring the touchless dispenser series XIBU in nine different decors on the market.

  • The i.h.s. The system provides efficiency and safety in the janitorial hygiene.

  • Through the renovation of the headquarters, the most modern chemical technical production facility in the industry in Europe is established.

  • integral COMPACT revolutionizes the dosing technology for commercial dishwashers.

  • The UNA product line is awarded the Austrian Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel.

  • We open the first location abroad in Bratislava in Slovakia.

  • Introduction of LUNA chrome line. Export Price of the Republic of Austria and the Chamber of Commerce.

  • Gold medal at the Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva for the launch of LUNA vacuumBAGS.

  • We offer our customers in direct sales ten years performance warranty.

  • Start a modern product line with the LUNA sanitaryBAG.

  • Development of the system and introduction of the bottle container recycling, for which we received the Environmental Award of the State of Salzburg two years later.

  • With ecosol, we introduce the kitchen dosing technique successfully on the market.

  • With FOX and bellaVIT, our first own products enter the market.

  • Hans Georg Hagleitner takes over the production company DIUTIL in Neudörfl in Wiener Neustadt. He then begins production of his own chemical-technical products.

  • We include chemical-technical products in the assortment.

  • Johann Hagleitner founds the NOLI sales ring through which the NOLI-air cleaning device is sold. The bottling facility and warehouse are located in the basement of his apartment building.